Saturday, May 8, 2010

No Limits on Your Fitness

Good news! I’m already feeling a difference – an improvement – in my strength. I love putting my indoor workouts to the test by taking them outdoors onto a trail with a friend. This week I’ve more than doubled my hiking distance. Let’s see… I think I’ve exactly tripled it from when I began hiking this area a few months ago. It used to make me a little nauseous to get to the highest elevation point before I turned around. Now, I trek on and could keep on going, if it wasn’t for having to get back to work! That’s a sensational feeling, to know that it is time that’s constraining me, as opposed to ability and endurance. As I’m heading up a gentle incline, it’s great to feel my quads working and feeling really, noticeably stronger – not wincing or asking me to stop, but happily working their way up the hill, seemingly able to climb forever. Hurray! The 3 Day Melt isn’t just about losing weight – it’s very much about a healthy lifestyle, a permanent change in your body and your outlook on your own ability to keep fit. You’ll Melt it Off, alright, but you’ll also get hooked on that healthy feeling of being strong and able to move about wherever your mind wants you to, as opposed to wherever your body would previously have allowed you to.

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