Saturday, February 28, 2009

Melt It Off - What You Get

in case you need a little help on the organizational side of things, mitch gaylord's "melt it off" program might just have the hand-holding tools you're looking for. it isn't just dvds. there's also the g-ball (it'll really kick your butt, btw) plus low-fat recipes and meal plans, a rotation calendar, journal and lots of inspiration. the "3 day melt" gets you off to a great start.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

3 Day Melt Better Than Yoga

i went to this yoga class a few days ago and totally strained my back. i never have back issues, but it really bothered me at bedtime for a couple of nights. not to slam yoga, but i've never felt like that when doing the 3 day melt / melt it off with mitch. sore muscles, yes, but never that sort of strain before. ugh!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


that G-Ball is amazing. it leverages your core action to really heat things up. i think that because you have to hold onto it, consciously - because, let's face it, it could fly off and break your favorite lamp or your roommate's nose - really amps up its effectiveness. i could be wrong, but i think it activates more muscles throughout your arms that way. what do you think?

Ultimate Core

i'm curious to know if anyone has used the Ultimate Core video that's part of the 3-Day melt program. it says it's based on how our core moves in everyday living. that sounds really smart. strengthening your core muscles sure will give you a 6-pack if you're super focused on it, but also just makes sense for good health and a toned body.