Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sexy Thighs

What could possibly be better for building shapely thighs than squats and lunges? I can’t imagine a superior exercise to lunges for toning up the thighs and building stronger quad muscles. So many of us are unhappy with the shape and quality of our thighs. Am I right? Mine have always seemed flaccid and uninteresting. I long to have those hard, sculpted thighs that some women have who sport really, really sexy legs. Of course I want calves that are curvy and strong, too, but they just aren’t as much of a challenge for me. The lack of muscle mass in my thighs also makes it more of a challenge on bike rides and hikes. And I want to keep up with my friends – in fact, to be perfectly honest, I seldom go do outdoorsy things with my friends because I’ve always been the girl bringing up the rear, struggling to stay within a reasonable distance of everyone else. It’s such a struggle. I’ve always been a pretty weak contender. Well, gone are those days!!! The Melt it Off workouts are of course really well-rounded, but a serious number of lunges are so great for creating sexy thighs and bum. Mitch’s 3 Day Melt will whip your stems into shape!

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