Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3 Day Melt's Six Pack Abs Plan

Dream it, live it, and get it. That’s the Gold Medal Fitness motto, says Mitch Gaylord. I just did the Rapid Results Ab Workout… and my abs are still clenched! That is the most intense crunchless abs workout I’ve ever done, bar none. If you want the rock-hard six-pack abs that gymnasts have, you’ve got to work seriously hard. There’s no easy way to achieve gorgeous sculpted abs – you’ve got to put in the time and reps. You can have nice, toned abs, I’m sure, with a less strenuous regimen. But if you want chiseled abs, you’ll need a video like this one. Mitch leads you through various straight-forward exercises, many using the G-ball. None of them are complicated. But there certainly are a couple on there that he makes look so easy, and then I tried it and couldn’t even get my body to do what I was telling it to do. I think it was the pike-up. Wow. I like having something to work toward – you know, when you do the same workout over and over and feel yourself mastering the moves more precisely each time. You are going to feel the burn in every abdominal muscle you own. And also in your thighs – inner thighs, especially, but also your quads. And your butt even gets a workout, and so do your arms. But most especially, your entire core is going to thank you.

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