Sunday, June 13, 2010

10 Easy Minutes Works Your Whole Body

Mitch Gaylord's 10-minute workout consists of 10 moves that wake up your whole body. It's quite different from other workouts I've tried. While most exercise videos seem to focus on a specific muscle group (or what we think of as a body part,) the Melt it Off 10-minute workout has this generalized feel. This is a GOOD thing. I have to say that this all-over workout makes the 10 minutes fly by - it goes so fast when you're not assaulting one set of muscles over and over. And yet, at the end of the 10 moves, my arms feel truly worked out, my hips feel opened, my legs are warmed up from lunges and squats, my core is activated, and my blood is pumping. This makes it a great morning exercise routine. It’s surprising to me that using a 2-pound ball can make my arms feel shaky and challenged. But it’s true. It doesn’t take much weight at all – it’s the repetitions that really tone up your arms. And what could be simpler than a lunge or a squat? You can easily adjust the intensity of these moves to suit your flexibility and fitness level. They are classics for a reason. The weight of your own body is the best tool you can use in your workout!

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