Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get Lost - Perfect 10 Prep

today all i can think about is driving into the middle of nowhere and getting lost for a while. i used to love camping... and then i figured out it's kind of a pain in the ass. but i am feeling the need right now to check out of my little fishbowl life and take a breather. i may not exactly be able to melt it off with mitch out there (wherever "out there" is) but the hard work with the G-ball and the lunges, perfect 10 cardiovascular workout, etc. will make hiking more enjoyable, to be sure. i think i've camped alone once in my life. i think. although i don't even have a vivid memory of that, so maybe i haven't even done that. i don't even own a tent. insert grin here. maybe just a day trip would be a better option. although, there's no real 'getting lost' sensation in a day trip. harumph. sleeping in the car? sounds pathetic. but maybe i could try being a dirtbag for a night. we'll see.

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