Sunday, June 14, 2009

3 Day Melt Is Well Balanced

here's what i have to say about real-life chore-type exercise: it ain't no perfect 10 workout. it may melt it off, as they say, but it isn't a well-balanced workout, if you ask me. well, i suppose it might be if you average it all out and do EVERYTHING yourself. but i'm finding that so much of real life body work stresses and strains the back and uses the shoulders/upper back a lot. am i wrong here? and lots of squatting! which i know is great and i really can't think about a down side to that, but the tired back kind of concerns me that i'm overdoing it. anyway, i don't have this problem with the 3 day melt program. it seems, well, better balanced than some of the outdoorsy stuff i've been doing.

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