Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Melts Away the Fat

it's no surprise that the people on the testimonial page at the 3 day melt site lost all that weight. the melt it off program really works your muscles and melts away the fat. it's hard work and well worth it. it just requires the very simple g-ball, great video instruction and commitment!


  1. I agree great workouts, best buy on the tv. Hard to believe that a 2lb ball can work all your body parts but it does! Have you gotten any of the extra dvd's?

  2. i don't have others - just the first one. it's got such great workouts, i didn't feel the need to get the others. have you? i wonder if i should get the Cardio Mix & Melt. have you tried it? actually, they all look good, don't they?!

  3. yes extra dvds look good, wish they had a package deal. Cardio Mix and Melt sound good also Ultimate Core.