Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Cardio Workout

alright. even though i'm still rolling to work late everyday, it isn't the fault of daylight savings anymore. NOW, i want to stay outside all the time. i've been taking my dog for a walk every morning and evening (something i do not do when there's snow on the ground), which is definitely crowding into my 3 Day Melt/Melt It Off With Mitch time. i'm relishing every scrap of sunshine today because it's supposed to freeze up again tomorrow night. i'll no doubt be back to mitch and his killer g-ball, as snow or rain are going to turn the fields soggy - a mudbath for pooch. i suppose most people in a 4-season clime change their workout weapon at least a couple times a year. mitch gaylord is my fitness trainer all winter, for sure. i mean, what can beat his Cardio Burn and Sculpt Workout?

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